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Anonymous asked: First of all, I love all your metas and enjoy reading them all. I love that you back up whatever you write with actual passages from the books. Thank you! My question is what do you think caused Gendry's changed in attitude in AFFC? Can't be the BWB as he was still serving them. Could it be LS? But he seemed to have accepted her, even calling her milady as a sign of respect eventhough she's hardly human anymore. Or was it just the war?


THANK YOU! I know some other ASoIaF meta writers who also back up everything with quotes but there are a strangely few number of us. 

I’m always surprised when people write off Gendry’s drastic changes between ASoS and AFFC as “the war” or “Lady Stoneheart”. To be sure, these things affected him, but he was extremely different by the time we met him again through Brienne.


Gendry sucked in his breath. “Mother have mercy.”…

Arya heard Gendry whisper a prayer.


So they bowed their heads together and thanked the Father and the Mother for their bounty… all but the black-haired boy from the forge, who crossed his arms against his chest and sat glowering as the others prayed. Brienne was not the only one to notice. When the prayer was done Septon Meribald looked across the table, and said, “Do you have no love for the gods, son?”

“Not for your gods.” Gendry stood abruptly. “I have work to do.” He stalked out without a bite of food. 

Gendry changes religions apparently. He either worships R’hollor now or doesn’t believe anymore. But in ASoS, he clearly believes and believes in the Seven.


Gendry was beating out a breastplate. When he worked, nothing existed for him but metal, bellows, fire. The hammer was like part of his arm. She watched the play of muscles in his chest and listened to the steel music he made.  


Gendry was at his forge, bare-chested beneath his leather apron. He was beating on a sword as if he wished it were a foe, his sweat-soaked hair falling across his brow. 

He’s described as creating “steel music” and being entirely focused with movements that made it seem like the hammer and his arm are one in ACoK. But in AFFC, he’s described as angrily beating the crap out of the metal “as if he wished it were a foe.” “Steel music” vs. “he wished it were a foe” is an incredible juxtaposition in my opinion. Same action, completely different was of doing it. 


When she spied Gendry, his bare chest was slick with sweat, but the blue eyes under the heavy black hair had the stubborn look she remembered. 


This boy’s eyes brimmed with anger and suspicion.

Arya describes Gendry’s eyes as perpetually “stubborn” while Brienne finds them to be “brimming with anger and suspicion”.

And he’s so much ruder, meaner, and angrier as a whole. Just look at one of the last moments we saw him in Arya’s POV in ASoS:

Gendry took one look and laughed so hard that wine came out his nose, until Harwin gave him a thwack alongside his ear…

Gendry reached out with the tongs as if to pinch her face, but Arya swatted them away…

“Nice, though. A nice oak tree.” He stepped closer, and sniffed at her. “You even smell nice for a change.” …

Gendry only laughed at the blows, which made her mad…

…Gendry hooted. “Those soft little things?” he called out. “You couldn’t even hold a hammer.” 

Laughing, joking, teasing, complimenting and then we see Gendry in AFFC who basically suspicion and rudeness confined into a very pissed off package. 

So, no, I don’t think that it makes sense to it’s just because of the war. After all, Gendry was a prisoner in Harrenhal, and that didn’t affect him as much. Also, Lady Stoneheart did not have such an effect on any other Brotherhood member. They’re a little wearier and meaner I would say, but they didn’t completely change personalities like Gendry.

It actually seemed very clear to me as I was reading that it was largely due to Arya. Gendry’s only in the book for a few pages, but besides his incredible change in personality, he also manages to illustrate that he’s adopted a grudge against someone we know he didn’t have one against before:

Brienne glimpsed an iron snout and rows of steel teeth, snarling.

Gendry saw it too. “Him.” 

Gendry didn’t have a grudge against the Hound when the BWB captured him. But considering some of his last moments in ASoS that we saw, it makes sense that he’d have one now:

As Arya was cinching her saddle girth, Gendry came up to say that he was sorry. 

and as Arya’s being captured by the Hound:

Someone was shouting her name, Harwin probably, or Gendry, but the thunder drowned them out as it rolled across the hills, half a heartbeat behind the lightning.  

While I don’t think Arya’s the only reason, she’s likely the biggest reason for Gendry’s dramatic change. The war wasn’t new to him before, he’d already seen the horrible effect of it in the countryside in ASoS and witnessed/experienced some of the horrors firsthand in ACoK, so why would that change him so much? And Lady Stoneheart shouldn’t change that much about him since it didn’t change the other Brotherhood members that much, and Gendry doesn’t even appear to see her often. In fact, he spends all his time at the Inn at the Crossroads, aka the place Arya was seen last (before the wasteland that now is the Saltpans.)  

So, no, I don’t think the dramatic changes had to do primarily with the war or Lady Stoneheart.

Anonymous asked: What do you think will happen to Gendry? Will he learn of his parentage? And do you think he is going to have a bigger role in the next books with regards to Varys' plotting (and the whole Aegon thing but maybe that's too far?) After all, why would the Spider bother to save him?


Well, a lot of stuff is going to happen with Gendry if you ask me.

GRRM confirmed we’d see Gendry again.

I will make this sweet and short. Will we ever see or hear about Hot Pie, Gendry, Nymeria, Rickon and Shaggy in ADWD, or possibly later on in the series of ASOIAF?

Thanks for your time

Later in the series?  Yes, to all of them. (source)

That interview was pre-ADWD, but since Gendry didn’t appear then, he’s coming back for either ADoS or TWoW if not both. 

And I’m positive Gendry’s going to learn about his parentage, it’s a running theme in all of his appearances.

Ned touched the boy’s head, fingering the thick black hair. “Look at me, Gendry.” The apprentice lifted his face. Ned studied the shape of his jaw, the eyes like blue ice. Yes, he thought, I see it. Ned, AGoT

The girl did have hair like the old king’s, Arya thought; a great thick mop of it, as black as coal. That doesn’t mean anything, though. Gendry has the same kind of hair too. Lots of people have black hair. Arya, ASoS

“Who was your mother?”

“What’s that to you?”
“You were born in King’s Landing.” The way he spoke made her certain of it.
“Me and many more.” He plunged the sword into a tub of rainwater to quench it. The hot steel hissed angrily.

“How old are you?” Brienne asked. “Is your mother still alive? And your father, who was he?”

“You ask too many questions.” He set down the sword. “My mother’s dead and I never knew my father.”

“You’re a bastard.”
He took it for an insult. “I’m a knight. That sword will be mine own, once it’s done.”
What would a knight be doing working at a smithy? “You have black hair and blue eyes, and you were born in the shadow of the Red Keep. Has no one ever remarked upon your face?”

“What’s wrong with my face? It’s not as ugly as yours.”

“In King’s Landing you must have seen King Robert….

"Listen to me,” Brienne began. Then she heard Dog barking, loud and frantic. Brienne, AFFC

“Gendry,” she wheezed. “I have to talk with Gendry.” Brienne, AFFC

Oh, yeah. GRRM has loved throwing this in our faces. It’s definitely coming back and playing a role. As you pointed out, Varys bothered to spare his life when Robert’s bastards were being hunted down.

“A lord,” the master said reluctantly. “He gave no name, and wore no sigil on his coat. He paid in gold, twice the customary sum, and said he was paying once for the boy, and once for my silence.” Ned, AGoT

The eunuch’s smile was sly. “That might take rather a long time, my good lord. I know quite a lot.”

“Not enough to save this child, it would seem.”

“Alas, no. There was another bastard, a boy, older. I took steps to see him removed from harm’s way” Tyrion, ACoK

There was clearly a purpose to that. It makes sense because the Baratheon line is dying. Robert’s dead, he had no trueborn children, Renly’s dead, and Stannis is alive but unlikely to have any sons. And that’s it. Edric Storm has fled the country, but he’s also younger and less prominent of a character than Gendry- though I’m not sure how much that means. 

Oh, and there’s this bit:

“The queen will catch you, then. She didn’t send gold cloaks after Ben Blackthumb!”
“Likely it wasn’t even me they wanted.”
“It was too, you know it. You’re somebody.” Arya, ACoK

"[Gendry’s] somebody", those are the words Arya used. 

It’s going to be important, I’m sure. He’s definitely going to learn of his parentage, very possibly from Brienne who seems determined to tell him and is returning with Jaime to the Brotherhood. 

But what does that mean really? Learning of his parentage does not equate to becoming legitimized. And Gendry isn’t the type of bastard who would be legitimized. By that I mean that bastards raised in noble households that were acknowledged (like Jon Snow and Edric Storm) are usually the types of bastards who get legitimized. 

The reason why Gendry might despite that is because the Baratheon line is in a lot of trouble. At the moment, it seems certain to die out by the end of the series. And Gendry is the most prominently featured of all of Robert’s bastards. Edric’s in one book, and Mya’s barely a factor in the two books she’s in- unlike Gendry who is in most of Arya’s chapters in ACoK and ASoS as well as being in AGoT and a AFFC. He’s appeared in 4/5 books and 3 different POVs.

Still, I would hardly call Gendry being legitimatized likely. 

I think that Gendry and Arya will meet up again- partially because I think Arya returning to the Riverlands is the most logically choice.

  1. The Brotherhood- who she’s had consdierable contact with, who we got to know through her storyline, and who are looking for her- are in the Riverlands
  2. Lady Stoneheart is in the Riverlands
  3. Nymeria is in the Riverlands
  4. Saltpans (i.e. the port Arya left Westeros from and a likely returning point for her) is in the Riverlands
It just makes sense that Arya will go to the Riverlands. And if she does, she will almost certainly meet up with Gendry again (who is very obviously upset over her disappearance.)
One of the things I imagine will happen with Gendry’s storyline is that his skills as a smith will come into play. He’s the most prominent smith character that we meet. He trained under the best. A big deal is made of his smith skills. And this:

Did Tohbo Mott ever teach Gendry the secrets of reworking Valyrian steel?

GRRM: Interesting question. [source]

Smiths are important- after all, one of the Seven gods is the Smith. And we know Valryian steel is a weakness for the Others.

So those are my thoughts. I don’t want to make too many assumptions, so I kept this pretty vague- hope I answered your question though!



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